Thursday, October 17, 2002

I'm not usually the demonstration-going type, but you run across a few every now and again if you're just in the habit of walking around Boston Common near the State House. And all too often, attached to demonstrations for some relatively sane leftish cause, you find people carrying signs comparing the United States unfavorably with the socialist paradise of North Korea. If you'd like a sample of what these nitwits are like, see my very first blog entry, which quotes a flyer they put out accusing Noam Chomsky of "censorship" because he won't let them give extended speeches at his own lectures. My half-joking response to these types is that they're a CIA front designed to discredit the left --- but don't snicker too hard; the spooks have done that sort of thing in the past.

Still, whatever you think of the friends of Fidel, it's a bit disturbing that they are the organizers of what looks like the major organized antiwar effort we've got to date. Which is one of the problems with the spinelessness of our current mainstream opposition party --- when it hasn't got the guts to actually oppose deeply flawed policies, fruit loops rush in to fill the vacuum...


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