Friday, January 24, 2003

Time was that conservatives didn't have a whole lot of nice things to say about the Chinese Communist party. Times have changed. Nathan Newman finds a freeper praising the nice things about China, like:

1. No ACLU there.
2. No "Three Strikes". They have "Zero Strikes".
3. No Mexican illegal immigration problems.
4. No affirmative action problems.
5. No slave reparation problems.
6. No anti-death penalty activists.
7. No peace marchers.
8. No multicultural problems
9. No NAACP, NOW, PETA, or those gay/AIDS organizations
10. No Hollywood
11. No anti-military demonstrators
12. No hassles if you want to play Dixie and fly the Confederate Battle Flag at the same time

But most of all, the Freeper effusively praises the Chinese for using "slave labor" (his term, including the scare quote) to build the great wall and keep out immigrants.

Which means that Free Republic may have caught up to the radicals on the left, who were making a similar case some time ago:

You're a star-belly sneech you suck like a leech
You want everyone to act like you
Kiss ass while you bitch so you can get rich
But your boss gets richer on you
Well you'll work harder with a gun in your back
For a bowl of rice a day
Slave for soldiers til you starve
Then your head skewered on a stake
Now you can go where people are one
Now you can go where they get things done
What you need my son:

Is a holiday in Cambodia
Where people dress in black
A holiday in Cambodia
Where you'll kiss ass or crack

Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot
Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot, Pol Pot

And it's a holiday in Cambodia
Where you'll do what you're told
A holiday in Cambodia
Where the slums got so much soul

(That is, of course, Holiday in Cambodia by the Dead Kennedys, a band which you'd think, from the name alone, would be hugely popular on Free Republic...)


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