Thursday, February 27, 2003

Anent Dubya's speech last night, a (somewhat edited) rerun, from the end of this post on the return of the White Man's Burden:

If the idea is to establish a "beacon of democracy" in the larger Muslim community --- well, there are other places we could try that. Indonesia, where we sponsored a coup. Iran where we put the Shah in power, displacing an elected prime minister who didn't like the way the West was running his oil industry. (That worked out great, huh?) Pakistan, where our current "bastard in the region" --- who's taking over that role from Saddam Hussein --- is rapidly converting himself into a military strongman. (By the by, he's also a former sponsor of Kashmiri terrorists whose disavowals of support for their current operations are less than completely convincing. And he certainly has WMD. I have a sick feeling we may be hearing more about that in the years to come). And of course, Afghanistan, where we have in the past supported, Islamic fanatics against the Soviets and where the regime we installed just this year is hanging on by its fingernails...

It feels like cheating. But if they're going to keep putting out the same nonsense, I might as well blog the same response. But for something more substantive, see the comments on this post to Stand Down...


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