Sunday, March 16, 2003

I've seen a lot of comment on David Gelernter's plan to replace the UN with a "big 3" group containing the three powers that last carved the world up at Yalta. Most of it negative.

But oddly, some haven't noted that it wouldn't even achieve Gelernter's goal of finding an international organization which would go along with Dubya's war. One of Gelernter's big three -- Russia, included for the avowed reason that he thinks they'd be a pushover for American schemes like this -- has a veto on the current security council, and has promised to use it on any war resolution under current conditions, despite heavy American pressure.

Why can't these conservatives figure out that the problem isn't the UN -- it's a foreign policy so ill-conceived that third-rate powers like Turkey are turning down billions of dollars in naked bribes to avoid getting dragged into our mess?


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