Wednesday, March 26, 2003

More on Republican commitment to open discourse and democratic values:

The U.S. ambassador to Canada took the unusual step on Tuesday of openly criticizing Ottawa for not backing the war on Iraq and urged Prime Minister Jean Chretien to muzzle anti-U.S. sentiment in his government. ...

Several members of Chretien's ruling Liberal Party have uttered anti-American comments and Cellucci said he was upset that no one had reprimanded Natural Resources Minister Herb Dhaliwal for a "totally inappropriate" comment last week that President Bush had failed as a statesman.

Celluci, known to Massachusetts residents as the former governor who flew the coop for the Canada, leaving the state's finances in a mess (in other words, in all respects a typical Republican governor), also implicitly threated trade retaliation for Canada's lack of support, telling reporters that "security will trump trade, there is no doubt about that".

Do these guys know how to deal in anything other than threats?


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