Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Lo, how the mighty have fallen. It seems the former Iraqi Information Minister can't get arrested in Baghdad these days.

Really, he can't:

Former Iraqi Information Minister Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf is attempting to surrender to US forces, according to a London-based Arabic newspaper. But Al-Sharq al-Awsat says the Americans have refused to arrest Mr Sahhaf - who became a familiar face during the war with his upbeat assessments of Iraqi military "successes" - because he does not appear on their "most wanted" list of 55 former regime officials.

Via the Whiskey Bar. Which is, once again, lest we forget, named after a song by Brecht and Weill...

Update: Then again, this guy may face some unique problems in negotiating a surrender:

al-Sahhaf rep: I'm trying to negotiate the surrender of a former high government official.

US liaison officer: OK, who?

al-Sahhaf rep: Mohammed Said al-Sahhaf, the information minister.

US liaison officer: And what would he like to do?

al-Sahhaf rep: Turn himself in to the American troops in Baghdad.

US liaison officer: I'm sorry, but that won't be possible.

al-Sahhaf rep: Why not?

US liaison officer: Because there are no American troops in Baghdad! Never!

al-Sahhaf rep: What do you mean? They're all over the place.

US liaison officer: No, they all killed themselves! They lie dead at the city gates!

al-Sahhaf rep: Look, I'm not joking here.

US liaison officer: Neither am I. There are no American troops in Baghdad.

al-Sahhaf rep: What about you?

US liaison officer: Me?

al-Sahhaf rep: You are an American troop, yes?

US liaison officer: And proud of it.

al-Sahhaf rep: So, there are American troops in Baghdad.

US liaison officer: There are no American troops in Baghdad. Never!

al-Sahhaf rep: Come on, you're here!

US liaison officer: No I'm not.

And so forth...


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