Monday, June 09, 2003

A lot of lefties are getting seriously depressed about the state of our national politics. Witness, for instance, Douglas Rushkoff, who opined a while ago that:

I no longer feel that voting is the main channel of feedback we have available to us as Americans. If not voting, then what? Protest. Good, old-fashioned, in-the-streets protest. Protests stir unrest. They create visible signs of dissent - whether or not they are reported by the mainstream right-wing propaganda engine masquerading as the US press.

Wonder what the well-heeled have to say about that? Consider the views of Candidia Cruikshanks, dominatrix to the fiscally well-endowed, who ripostes:

What is this? The US Branch of Al Queda? Tipping points go both ways. What would shut you guys up? National Guard checking IDs? Cameras on swivels? Wiretaps? Lists of Unpatriotic Americans? Tribunals? Chinese proverb says: "The nail that sticks up gets beaten flat." Smile! I have your picture on file.

But even her "$1 bil and a fucking Harvard MBA" can't get her everything she wants:

So what about my peace dividend? Tax free? Plus they may have to keep the death tax. I mean, look, if we are going to liberate any city by fighting it out with gangs in the streets, I can think of places a lot closer to home. I mean, "Humanitarian Aid"? We have tried that crap. All it does is create a culture of dependence. Build a maquiladora, and let them help themselves. Drop a few skids of Velveeta from the bombers, take lots of photos for FOX and CNN, then round up the peasants and put them to work.

Of course, they've been trying that. But it's becoming clear that Shinseki was right, and we will need more troops to keep the peace than we did to win the war. Hey folks, we told you and told you and told you this was going to get ugly. Why didn't you listen?

Ah, these elites. If they're not preening about their access and privilege, they're whining insufferably. What they really need is another round of the spanking they got from FDR.

By the way, the Wealth Bondage site, where Ms. Cruikshanks's words appear, acknowledges up front that a lot of it is a put-on satire in the tradition of Martial -- though less than you'd think at first glance. If you poke around, which is worth the time, be sure to read the Master Contract. You're already party to it, whether you know it or not...

Note added in proof: Besides, if you don't think that there are genuine rich people who really do think something like this, you haven't been reading enough David Neiwert...


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