Monday, July 28, 2003

Life in Ashcroft's America:

Last April 3, at UMass Boston, a couple of military recruiters tried to intimidate a student who was distributing anti-military leaflets, with a few cops standing nearby. The student called a professor, and nonviolent activist, Tony van der Meer, over to assist. Accounts differ as to what happened next.

According to the recruiters and cops, the professor assaulted the cops without provocation, and was arrested for it.

According to just about everyone else at the scene, the recruiter said that the student "should be shot in the head like Martin Luther King", and the cop slammed van der Meer on the ground without any provocation whatever.

Van der Meer goes on trial November 6th.

And shame on me for not blogging this a few weeks ago, when it showed up in the Weekly Dig, Boston's alternative to the major alternative newspaper, the Phoenix, which I've linked to above.


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