Sunday, September 07, 2003

Between the real fake president giving his speech on the networks, and the fake fake president saving the nation on cable, there was only one thing to do -- find out how much sound was leaking over the walls from the Springsteen concert at Fenway Park.

(Enough to know that the folks inside were getting a heck of a show, but regrettably, not enough to share in the experience. And while it wasn't enough for me to stick it out all the way through, it was, on the whole, a more pleasant way to spend the evening).

In reviewing the transcript, though, there are a few bits that stick out. What hit me hardest was this:

Some countries have requested an explicit authorization of the United Nations Security Council before committing troops to Iraq. I have directed Secretary of State Colin Powell to introduce a new Security Council resolution, which would authorize the creation of a multinational force in Iraq, to be led by America.

According to the recent CBO report, we don't just want assistance, we need it -- current force levels have not been sufficient to maintain order, according to everyone not actively shilling for the administration, and we can't even sustain those for more than another few months. But the countries with large numbers of troops to commit aren't so hot on "American leadership"; they want a much more active role for multilateral bodies. And even if they view bailing us out as a "duty", the way Dubya put it, they may think that it's best served, long term, by waiting another few months until we see the wisdom of pursuing it their way...


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