Wednesday, October 15, 2003

And now, a headline from Noo Yawk:

Wells Channels Babe Ruth to Keep Curse Alive

Strangely, the doom-and-gloom talk that I hear around Boston has more to do with Nomar's hitting slump than anything else. Why is it that the people who spend the most time talking about this supposed curse on a Boston team seem to always be New Yorkers?

Update: Nomar goes 4 for 5, including a triple, and the agony of Steve Gisselbrecht continues for at least one more game...

Further update: Well, after the outcome of NLCS game seven, it seems the Cubs fans now have their own Bucky F---ing Dent -- and one of their own, to boot. It might not be the most popular thing to say in Chicago right now, but the Cubs pitching staff also had something to do with the outcome...


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