Friday, December 05, 2003

The New York Post somehow got their hands on a work print of Mel Gibson's "The Passion", the film about the crucifixion which promises complete fidelity to both historical and biblical accounts, though the Roman officials are speaking the wrong language (their dialog is in Latin, although Pontius Pilate almost certainly spoke Greek), and the film draws heavily on the anti-Semitic mystic visions of a German nun, which have no support in actual scripture.

But never mind all that. They showed it to a priest, a rabbi, a professor, their film critic, and a randomly selected reader of the New York Post. Which sounds like it could be the setup for a great "... walked into a bar" joke, but it's utterly wasted in this case, since the upshot is simply that most of them didn't like the film very much, citing the portrayal of the Jews as a particularly troubling point -- though the randomly selected reader of the New York Post disagreed on both counts, which is a little worrisome.

But there is still a joke. You just haven't heard it yet. The joke is that with all the other things the FBI has to do, they are nevertheless investigating how the Post got a copy of the film. But I'm sure they'd be doing the exact same thing if they'd all liked the movie. Aren't you?


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