Thursday, December 04, 2003

While I'm still waiting for the muse, TalkLeft continues to be your one-stop shop for constitutional outrage. Starting with a ten year conviction for a guy who just got a ten year sentence for being guilty of association with terrorists:

Mukhtar al-Bakri went to Afganistan and attended a training camp. He heard Osama bin Laden speak there. Then he got married. The day after his wedding, while in Bahrain, he got arrested. Then charged with providing material support to a terrorist organization.

The Government acknowledged it had no evidence that al-Bakri or his confederates planned a terrorist act. What it had was a theory dependent upon guilt by association and perceived thought.

Jeralyn also dings Dubya and co. for finally allowing Yasser Hamdi to talk to a lawyer, but for no apparent reason other than to forestall Supreme Court review of their prior actions in the case -- and the Supreme Court itself for telling police across America that the difference between an ordinary search warrant and a no-knock warrant is that with the former, they have to wait fiteen seconds before breaking out the battering rams.

And of course, there's plenty of stuff about Guantanamo. Jeralyn was actually the first blogger I saw to note that we've admitted that a lot of the detainees were innocents kidnapped by warlords for no reason other than to collect reward money.

Diana Moon, the only blogger on the web who does catblogging right, is outraged that we may wind up setting up an Islamic Republic. Not that I think that's the best possible outcome (though I've already opined that it was far from the worst the first time that the idea showed up in the New York Times), but we may not be in great shape to give lectures on democracy and due process to the Grand Ayatollahs right at the moment...


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