Friday, December 19, 2003

One last bit of news from Boston. One of the most widely loathed pieces of architecture in town is Boston City Hall, part of a typical 1960s style "urban renewal" project called Government Center which "cleaned up" a few nudie bars by completely obliterating the neighborhood they were in -- with the upshot that they were displaced all of seven blocks, into an area which became known as "the combat zone" -- and replacing it with sterile towers situated in an expanse of phenomenally ugly brick.

It is no surprise to me that this building made it as one of James Howard Kunstler's Eyesores of the Month. But I have to quibble with the view he chose to present, which completely omits the brick-paved lunar wasteland (lately made even more ridiculous with a few oversized park benches in a futile attempt to attract street life). So when you look at Kunstler's shot of this building, just remember, he's showing you the good side.


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