Tuesday, January 20, 2004

So, the surprise winner in Iowa is Diana's fave rave, my junior Senator. Which makes this as good a time as any to say once again why (well, beyond what Patrick said) Kerry won't be getting my primary vote.

First off, unlike Clark, he actually has waffled on the Iraq war. In fact, his confusion goes back before the war, when he "explained" his vote for giving Dubya unconditional authority for use of force by trying to pretend there were conditions attached. This is no small thing.

Beyond that, he is, unquestionably, an East Coast Establishment Washington Insider, of precisely the type that Karl Rove loves to run against. You can point out all you like that he has taken courageous stands in the Senate during Reagan years, and before that in Vietnam Veterans Against the War (which makes his latter-day wishy-washiness all that much more of a disappointment), but none of that changes the facts that he is from the East Coast Establishment, nor that he is a Washington Insider.

Bill Belichick's Patriots don't win football games by playing into the other team's strengths...

Late edit: Added the word "primary" in the first graf. Any of the Democrats running would be a better President than Bush at this point, once we get to the general election...


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