Friday, July 30, 2004

A little news from Boston: Other folks are blogging the convention itself, so I don't have to. As to the aftermath -- we've got one last bit of flailing from Mayor Menino:

With businesses howling about broken promises of a convention bonanza, Mayor Thomas M. Menino yesterday tried to lure people back into a deserted city, announcing three days of free parking and public concerts, as well as discounts at restaurants, attractions, and theaters to cap off convention week in Boston.

Menino said the discounts tomorrow and this weekend -- whose costs are being absorbed by the businesses offering them -- are intended as a "thank you present" to Boston-area residents who have endured unprecedented security and transportation disruptions during the Democratic National Convention. They are also aimed at keeping delegates, or anyone else who will bite, in the area over the weekend to salvage some sales for disappointed merchants.

Now, the idea of some kind of festival weekend to attract business isn't necessarily bad. But this was announced yesterday -- too late for anyone to change plans to take advantage. Who's supposed to show up?


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