Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Google's founders pledge that they will always abide by a simple and comprehensive ethics policy: "don't be evil." In fact, they do users of their services all sorts of favors. For instance, as their spokeswoman said Friday, "Google has decided that in order to create the best possible search experience for our mainland China users [our Chinese news service] will not include sites whose content is not accessible" because the sites themselves are blocked by the Chinese government's "Great Firewall". Because letting the Chinese see even a little of the news that their government is trying to deny them might just make them feel bad.

via Slashdot and p2pnet; note that the p2pnet article also suggests a possible chink in the Great Firewall for those in need.


Blogger LiberalPride said...

Sounds like the Bush administration to me. Censorship is always a sign of a conservative, monopolistic dictatorship (CMD). The CMD's of the world always block what they don't want people to see or hear. They always try to hide from people unpleasant truths, while regurgitating self-serving lies. In other words, the Bush neo-con dominated administration has turned Communist...as apparently has Google, since they have no problem bowing to the censoring demands of the Red Chinese CMD. Soon Google will probably start censoring web-sites that the Bush neo-cons, like John Ashcroft, find offensive...if they haven't already. Now I understand why Thomas Jefferson, and some other concerned founders, were adamant about having specific freedoms mentioned in our U.S. Constitution...which supposedly all federal officials have sworn to uphold and protect. Otherwise, some type of CMD would have already turned our country into a dark, deadly police state by now, ruled by the few for the few, if not for the foresight of some of our founders. Hey, come November let's give Bush, and his neo-CMD buddies, a few more years to perfect their vision for an American CMD...armed to the teeth with preemptive nukes. Shudder.

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