Friday, September 24, 2004

Tokyo Rose. Lord Haw-haw. Michael Moore. Peas in a pod, according to the proprietor of the Junkyard Blog. Seeing a story in the Christian Science Monitor on, among other things, the popularity of Fahrenheit 9/11 among grunts in Iraq, he posts:

Thank you, Democrats! Thank you, Terry MacAuliffe! Thank you to all of you who embraced enemy propagandist Michael Moore! You're doing a nice job of denting our military's morale right on the front lines ...

And it's bad. Consider this guy, quoted in the story itself:

"We shouldn't be here," said one Marine infantryman bluntly. "There was no reason for invading this country in the first place. We just came here and [angered people] and killed a lot of innocent people," said the marine, who has seen regular combat in Ramadi. "I don't enjoy killing women and children, it's not my thing."

This is obviously all the fault of Michael Moore. Obviously, this guy would be thrilled to be killing innocent women and children if it wasn't for that damn movie. It must be so. If not, the sentiments of the Junkyard Blog would be, well... junk.

Ah yes, but he also said that "there was no reason for invading" Iraq. In fact Dubya offered two good reasons. One was that Saddam wouldn't let inspectors into the country to find the WMD he had hidden -- except that he had let them in, and they were finding nothing. The other is that he was harboring terrorists -- except that the only active terrorist in Iraq at the time, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, was in the northern "no-fly zone" that Saddam did not control, and the American military had put together a plan to take him out which Dubya's NSC refused to approve because eliminating Zarqawi could have "undercut its case for war against Saddam." This is the same Zarqawi who is still active in Iraq, and has since acquired the bad habit of beheading Western hostages. Damn that Michael Moore.


Blogger gaw3 said...

I keep seeing stories like this, where red states (and military facilities) are reporting packed movie theaters when showing Farenheit 911. "Free marketeers" should not be complaining about a product that sells.

But there really doesn't seem to be an electoral impact from Michael Moore. USA today/Gallup says that the US public is evenly divided on Bush in Iraq. But 2/3 of polled people approve of Bush against terrorism. Kerry's gotta change that number if he wants a hope.

9:50 AM  

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