Tuesday, September 07, 2004

More Deep Thought from the right wing blogsphere: Mark Alger argues that it is not "beyond the bounds of reason to consider the possibility of the shunning of all Muslims from the civilizd [sic] world, the forced conversion of Muslim states, or the destruction of all Arab regimes", if that would somehow make it easier to deal with North Korea. I might argue instead that a genocidal war on multiple continents, aimed at eradicating a religion with more than a billion adherents, might actually make it more difficult to simultaneously deal with North Korea -- but then, I'm a mush-headed liberal...

More: In case you missed it the first time, Belle Waring eviscerates this kind of "logic" here...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, teh blog *is* called babytrollblog.... I think that sort of trolling really is about setting up an extreme so that less shrill forms of prejudice get excused as "not as bad".


5:42 PM  

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