Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The American Prospect reports that World Bank head James Wolfensohn, originally appointed by Clinton, is looking to retain his post under Bush. How? Sebastian Mallaby, author of a book on Wolfensohn that I didn't much like, has a few ideas:

"He'll say, 'Look, I've got a lot of support in European capitals.' He will argue that he has personal friendships among world leaders, and he could say, 'I've been going to West Bank and Gaza for ten years, and I have relationships there.' Further, he'll sweeten the deal by saying, 'I'll only serve half a term,'" says Mallaby.

CNN is reporting (via Liberal Oasis) that that argument didn't go over so well for Colin Powell:

[JOHN KING]: ... There are some in the administration who said that he wanted to stay through March or April to try to explore that opening [for negotiations in the Palestinian conflict, in the wake of Arafat's death] and the answer from the White House was no. Is that your understanding?

MIKE ALLEN, "WASHINGTON POST": Yes, John. You saw here how awkward this departure is. Just as the secretary is heading out on a Middle East peace mission, he's announced his departure. He says it will be weeks or a matter of weeks or a few months before he goes.

Lotsa luck, Jim...


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