Monday, December 13, 2004

If you're around Boston the next few weeks, and you'd like to see some interesting sculpture, you might want to check out Sam Ostroff's new works, which look like illustrations for some whimsical literary steampunk confection that hasn't been written yet -- tables, chairs, and a (regrettably inoperable) piano, elegantly appointed in the Victorian style with graceful, curvaceous ornamentation in industrial steel. The (hopefully inoperable) electric chair in a back room is done in the same style. This is at the Locco Ritoro gallery, which just opened in the same building as Toale at 450 Harrison Ave. It'll be there through Jan. 22nd -- I'd link to the web site on their cards if there were anything there yet. I think the artist's got a gallery of his work online here, but I may be fooling myself -- as I write, the unwelcoming welcome page of the web site claims, "This web site is temporarily unavailable".

It was a day for unavailable web sites -- by sheer chance I ran into Kitten Rosa I, formerly of the Valhalla Kittens, which is probably my favorite local band now that the Dresden Dolls are apparently living on a tour bus. The VKs are a glam-rock sextet with killer harmony vocals, so their songwriter, Scott Dakota, is naturally working on a dystopic cyberpunk rock opera for them, and the first two songs sound great. I'd link to their web site, but it's also down, a casualty of excessive bandwidth charges. Grump.


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