Wednesday, December 01, 2004

LWN reports on how free software project politics reflect those in the real world, and how they don't:

This Intent To Package posting was guaranteed to raise a bit of a fuss. The program involved is hot-babe, a graphical CPU utilization monitor. It works by displaying a typical Bruno Bellamy drawing of a minimally-clad, maximally-endowed woman. As the CPU gets busier ("hotter"), the woman undresses to compensate. Your editor, whose journalistic ethics required that he investigate this utility, found it to be an amusing addition to the desktop - for about five minutes, or until the children walk in, whichever comes first.

The Debian developers raised the obvious, predictable objection to the inclusion of this utility: the associated images were covered by a non-free license.

This is in LWN's weekly news summary; as per their usual policy, nonsubscribers will have to wait a week for their reportage on the resolution of this little difficulty...


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