Monday, January 31, 2005

If you want to believe the worst about the current occupant of the White House, TBR news will tell you what you want to hear. It has regular notes from someone they call "The Voice of the White House", full of stuff like this:

Bush, who has insulated himself from the public with high walls and iron discipline and listens only to sycophants and toadies, honestly believes that he has a mandate -- not from the American people which he does not, but from Almighty God himself! I have actually heard him say this and in my professional opinion, he is becoming very, very dangerous. Bush believes that whatever he does, he does in the name of and with the permission of God and that to question, thwart or criticize him is blasphemy. I realize this sounds like some kind of a rant but if you worked here on a daily basis and saw for yourself the sorry state that American leadership has fallen into, you would feel like outraged rants as well.

But how can you know it's genuine, particularly since the story about who this guy supposedly is has changed over time? (He claimed to be a reporter at first, but then he started talking about stuff to which no reporter would plausibly have access). Well, he makes testable predictions for the future:

Bush wants to invade Iran and Syria. Bush wants to have the Iraqi elections over on Sunday and has ordered that whatever the sorry and predictable outcome there, it be declared a "great victory for American-style liberty." ... Once he personally declares victory, which is coming, then the troops are to be pulled out in spite of strong warnings from senior military officers in the field that utter and bloody chaos will reign. These troops will be "refreshed" and prepared for future wars.

But to readers of "The Voice of the White House", this is old news. He, she, or it was predicting that Israeli planes would be flying off American aircraft carriers to hit targets in Iran last October.

Why involve the Israelis? "Because of the political ramifications". As if directly involving Israel would somehow make the attack less provocative to Arabs and the larger Muslim world. (And ironically, the more you believe the rumors I've seen on more credible sites of sub rosa ties between Feith & co. in the Pentagon and the Likud Party in Israel, the less credible this line gets. The line I've seen is that Sharon did what he could to push the U.S. to war in Iraq, through his policy proxies in the Pentagon, because he didn't want to get involved in a hot war himself).

Now, it's not inconceivable that an outright conspiracy rag could pick up echoes of something genuine. Reliable journalists like Seymour Hersh are talking about, at least, covert stuff in Iran that may be ongoing. And I'm honestly not sure that an Israeli attack on Iran would be the dumbest plan yet to come out of Dubya's White House. But if you want to believe, please reflect that TBR news has also carried a report (on a different byline) that the Asian tsunami was somehow orchestrated by the "Zionist Cabal" in "New York" as a sacrifice of "goyim" for some obscure propaganda move...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch out for "The Voice of the White House". I've already caught TVOTWH out on a couple of statements that were questionable, if not downright false. For example, the Israelis have few aircraft designed for naval use; they would have a hard time operating off our carriers.

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