Sunday, June 26, 2005

Digby's right:

I've been reading around the blogosphere this morning quite a bit of advice that the Democrats should ignore Rove's comments. That by responding we are "playing into his hands" and "doing exactly what he wants us to do." ...

Dukakis didn't respond. Gore didn't respond. Clinton did respond, (although I suspect that the real reason it didn't work as well with him was because his womanizing problems made it difficult to subtly label him unmanly.) They just spent a hundred million dollars calling Kerry a "flip-flopper" which in case you didn't get it, was designed to make you think of a flaccid penis. These guys aren't very subtle.

The truth is that to ignore this stuff it is to play into Rove's hands. Because the whole point is to make us look weak. When you don't respond when people call you weak, you reinforce the charge.

For crying out loud, here's how to do it. The Poles were somewhat startled to become an issue in recent French politics, where talk about their economic maliase has somehow become dominated by the phantom threat of the Polish Plumber. How does the Polish tourism bureau respond? In your face. A buff Polish plumber can now be seen on billboards all over France, touting the virtues of his home country, and inviting the French to see for themselves: "I'm staying. And you should come."

Can't the Democrats, would-be leaders of the greatest country on the planet, do at least as well?


Blogger Michael Miller said...

Jay Bookman of the Atlanta Journal Constitution penned an article saying pretty much the same thing.

Liberally use Rove's rules against Rove


Let's play Rove's game by Rove's rules.

If someone really did want to get U.S. troops killed, or if you didn't particularly care one way or the other, you would start by getting us involved in an unnecessary war that diverted us from our real purpose. Then you would ignore the advice of military officers and force our troops to fight that war with insufficient manpower and equipment, under incompetent civilian leadership that paid little or no attention to the aftermath. That way, you could ensure that withdrawal from that war would become impossible and that it would slog on month after bloody month.

Of course, nobody would ever be foolish enough to start such a war. But if they did, you could probably get at least 1,700 Americans killed, don't you think?

Now, is that analysis brutal, harsh and unfair? Yup. But it's no more harsh than Rove's crass attempt at bullying, and it has the added virtue of being accurate.

Because when you're savagely attacked out of the blue, you don't offer your attackers therapy. You fight back hard.

Right, Karl?

7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They rub it in: the plumber is being followed by a Polish nurse.

11:49 AM  

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