Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ever think that the neoconservative brain trust in Dubya's White House wasn't so much trying to achieve any particular result in the Middle East, as to just sow chaos? Well, here's Doug Feith:
Feith ... told me that the neoconservatives—at least those inside the administration—did not hope to create new borders, but did see a value in “instability,” especially since, in his view, the Middle East was already destabilized by the presence of Saddam Hussein. “There is something I once heard attributed to Goethe,” he said, “that ‘Disorder is worse than injustice.’ We have an interest in stability, of course, but we should not overemphasize the value of stability when there is an opportunity to make the world a better or safer place for us. For example, during the Nixon presidency, and the George H. W. Bush presidency, the emphasis was on stabilizing relations with the Soviet Union. During the Reagan administration, the goal was to put the Communists on the ash heap of history. Those Americans who argued for stability tried to preserve the Soviet Union. But it was Reagan who was right.”
So, um, who in America was trying to preserve the Soviet Union? But then again, as a Bush administration offical, Feith is just once again proudly affirming his place outside the reality based community...


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