Thursday, January 03, 2008

Wondering what's behind McCain's late resurgence in New Hampshire? Can't figure out if it's new support from establishment figures, distaste for Romney, or what?

Well, I've been avoiding primary news as much as I could, but simply by being situated in broadcast range of New Hampshire, I am perforce aware of local factors of overriding importance which may have escaped the attention of the national media. I refer specifically to the Red Sox fan base, which is deeply affected by the endorsement of the Man with the Bloody Red Sock himself, pitcher Curt Schilling. You can't watch a local sports game lately without seeing Schilling make his (remarkably effective) pitch for McCain at least two or three times --- and since we once again seem to have a professional basketball team in town, there are suddenly quite a lot of those... to say nothing of the broadcasts of Sportscenter and the two local variations on that theme.


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