Monday, March 31, 2003

Tom Friedman continues to cling to his comic-book weltanschauung, pitting the "World of Order" against the "World of Disorder". And to some of his other mistakes as well. Witness his latest:

At this new historical pivot point, we're still dealing with a bipolar world, only the divide this time is no longer East versus West, but the World of Order versus the World of Disorder. But here's the surprise: the key instrument through which the World of Order will try to deal with threats from the World of Disorder will still be NATO. Only in this new, expanded NATO, Russia will gradually replace France, and the region where the new NATO will direct its peacekeeping energies will shift from the East to the South. Yes, NATO will continue to be based in Europe, but its primary theaters of operation will be the Balkans, Afghanistan, Iraq and possibly the Arab-Israel frontier.

I guess he's spending so much time hobnobbing with international elites that he's just hasn't noticed Russia's position on our current operations in Iraq:

The war is "in danger of rocking the foundations of global stability and international law," Putin said. "The only correct solution to the Iraqi problem is an immediate end to military activity in Iraq and resumption of a political settlement in the UN Security Council."

Then again, it's not just Friedman. A Google News search on "Iraq Putin" turns up only a handful of articles in American media. I guess they're too busy beating on the French.


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