Wednesday, July 30, 2003

The changed tone in Washington, part 96: When the New York Times argues for the dismissal of John Poindexter, it's on substantive policy grounds (they have doubts about the predictive value of terrorist dead pools), and not because of any peccadilloes or legal entanglements. Why, Poindexter's conviction for lying to Congress (later overturned on a technicality) rates barely a single tossed-off mention!

See also billmon on the role of cabinet secretaries (major ones, like Treasury) in Dubya's administration: a bus tour of Winsconsin promoting his tax cuts. Good thing they've got rid of Clinton's tawdry "permanent campaign" schtick...

And while at Billmon's, check out his take on a poll of "liberated" Iraqis:

So, close to 10% of the Baghdad population (let's say about 500,000 people, give or take) would rather be living in a Ba'athist police state, while almost two-thirds say they could go either way. That's what I call keeping your options open.

Bear in mind, like billmon, that the people answering this poll have many reasons for being less than completely candid...


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