Thursday, July 31, 2003

The self-proclaimed Democratic Leadership Council on internet-based activists:

"The Internet may be giving angry, protest-oriented activists the rope they need to hang the party," wrote Randolph Court in the DLC's bimonthly newsletter, The New Democrat Blueprint.

Digby on the DLC:

I sure wish that the Republicans had believed that about talk radio because then we’d hold both houses of congress, the presidency and the courts today.

Remember, the Democratic National Committee (the DNC) is the leadership of the party. The Democratic Leadership Council is a group of mush-mouthed pols of no firm convictions, who want you to think that they are the leadership of the party, and who are trying to move it from outside to the right, towards what they call a more "centrist" orientation. Given the extremism of the current Republican party leadership (Dubya, De Lay et al.), that means offering the public a choice between a Republican, and, well, a moderate Republican. Which wasn't the sort of strategy endorsed by this guy:

But they wouldn't have liked him anyway. Too confrontational. And above all, a sure loser. Just look at the headline.


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