Monday, December 22, 2003

Via CalPundit comes this collection of the worst press gaffes of 2003, from the Los Angeles Times, by their media critic David Shaw. Or actually two collections -- he starts by rattling off the ten worst boners of The New York Times, then declares withal that the New York Times is still the best newspaper in America, and starts into the real top ten gaffes, including a faked-up photo from his own paper, an indefensible quip from Boston Globe sports columnist Bob Ryan, and the New York Post gossip item that made pitching great Sandy Koufax sever all personal ties to his old team, the L.A. Dodgers, then owned (like the Post) by Rupert Murdoch. Anent the last of which, Shaw declares:

Now that Murdoch is also severing his own ties with the Dodgers, maybe Koufax will return — and not just as a coach or consultant. Even now, nine days shy of his 68th birthday, he'd be better on the field than that collection of losers and spoiled brats that Murdoch's executives have assembled.

Clearly, this is a better fan than the Dodgers currently deserve, who ought to have an audience that can appreciate fine baseball invective. Mr. Shaw, Red Sox Nation awaits...


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