Friday, September 17, 2004

At MIT, along the infinite corridor, there used to be an entrance to the Vannevar Bush room. That was recently moved around the corner, into another hallway, and it seems someone felt the lack. For the past couple of days, the nook in the walls where they closed off the old entrance was closed off by a doorway of its own, labeled as the entrance to the Vannevar Shrubbery room. If you opened it (the door was not locked), you found yourself facing a low black table, upon which there was a shrubbery, in front of a portrait of a Knight who says Ni.

It may be gone by the time you read this -- these sorts of unauthorized campus improvements have a fairly short half-life. Which would be a shame, in this case. If you stepped inside and closed the door -- there was just barely room for that -- it made a lovely spot for quiet contemplation. MIT needs all of those it can get.


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