Tuesday, September 14, 2004

One little nuclear bomb can just ruin your whole day. That was a really big deal to Dubya when he was trying to tell the country that Iraq had nukes. It apparently isn't such a big deal now when the only nukes in a Muslim state are in the hands of our good friends in Pakistan. Matthew Yglesias reminds us just how friendly they've been -- when they got caught selling nuclear technology, the one guy they said was responsible (only him, really and truly!) was briefly placed under house arrest!

Of course, if you happen to enjoy contemplating the various ways in which genocide against Muslims might be a good idea, you might want to keep those Pakistani nukes in mind. In any such campaign, they'd almost certainly wind up being used against us...


Blogger Michael Miller said...

This reminded me of something that happened a while back...

"...this is just one small part of the context in which America is implementing a new foreign policy. There is plenty more. Guess who decided this would be an excellent time for a new missile test? Yup, two of the youngest members of the nuclear club: India and Pakistan. North Korea, of the Axis of Evil, is watching and pouting. ..." -- quoting myself from March 29, 2003Since I wrote those words, I've been obsessed with learning the truth in detail.

Since I wrote those words, I've found that it's worse -- much worse -- than I thought.

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