Thursday, September 30, 2004

So Martha Stewart's headed to prison, the chosen scapegoat for corporate governance scandals. Bernie Ebbers walks free, but then again, he was the well-connected head of WorldCom, not a somewhat annoying domestic diva from Connecticut. And his lies hurt millions of people; you have to have some respect for the grandeur of it all.

As to Martha, she'll be spending five months at a prison in Alderson, West Virginia -- she would have preferred prisons in Connecticut or Florida, but the Florida prison has hurricane damage, and prison officials say they didn't want New York paparazzi staking out the one in Connecticut. At least they know what to do with her:

Daniel Dunn, a Bureau of Prisons spokesman, said that once there, Ms. Stewart would be assigned to work seven and a half hours a day in prison programs that include food service, groundskeeping and sanitation.

By the time she's through with that place, they'll be ready to reopen it as a three star hotel.


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