Thursday, November 18, 2004

So, our new Secretary of State will be an old Cold War hand, who seems to be really unclear on the concept of non-state actors in terrorism. Fortunately, to make her relevant, Dubya's good friend Vladimir has come along to revive the nuclear arms race.

That's if he really is Dubya's bestest soul buddy in the whole world. One of the weirder concoctions on the Web is this site, which features periodic collages of some of the more outrageous rumors around. These are attributed to someone who was first identified as a member of the White House Press Corpse who was anonymously sending along the Real Poop he wouldn't dare report. When it became implausible that anyone from the press would have access to that much Real Poop, he became an unidentified senior official, and the stories got even wilder. He's so far disclosed, among other things, mandatory White House prayer meetings,a "very minor seizure" that left Dubya unable to answer any question without careful rehearsal, his homosexual affairs with, among others, a "black drag queen", a draft which is scheduled for June 2005, and a joint Israeli/American strike on Iran which was planned for before the election, and yet, has so far failed to materialize. This guy also says that while Dubya was talking about his warm relationship with Vladimir in the debates, he was at the same time "frantically trying to oust Putin" behind the scenes, an effort which, mysteriously, is not even rumored elsewhere. Bearing in mind Karl Rove's prediliction for sliming his own candidates, it's entirely your choice whether to believe a word of it.

via Mahabarbara.


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