Sunday, March 26, 2006

Since Julia asked for it:

A different Christmas in Fallujah, by a local Boston band called Sidewalk Driver:

It's christmas in Fallujah,
and our palm tree's all aglow.
Suarez is singing "Deck the Halls"
in fucking Español.

I've been sweating for six months straight,
even though sometimes it's cold.
I'm twenty-seven or twenty-eight,
but I'm feeling pretty old.

I don't got no advice --
just do as you see fit.
People ask me what I think,
but I ain't thinking shit.

Me and Jesus used to be tight,
but now I've gone astray.
My best friend died two nights ago,
but his presents got here today.

It's Christmas in Fallujah,
and I'm standing all alone.
I hope Santa got the memo
about the no-fly zone.

Staring into the midnight
I stop to think of home.
I hope my father's proud of me,
and all the strength I've shown.

I don't got no advice,
just do as you see fit.
My friends ask me how I feel,
but I ain't feeling shit.

You know, I used to trust Jesus,
but now I've gone astray.
I got a card with my name misspelled
from the President of the U.S.A.

It said, "Merry Christmas in Fallujah,
We hope it's a joyous day.
We've all been praying for you,
Oh,and by the way,
You're there to stay.
You're there to stay."
I'm here to stay.

Most of their stuff is not political, but it's all good. They're in New York April 28th...


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