Sunday, July 29, 2007

Official Washington is much concerned Iran is funding foreign fighters in Iraq, and generally doing what it can to destablize the situation --- and not just the White House; the Senate recently passed a resolution declaring that Iran was committing acts of war, 98-0.

Since Dubya's current strategery with regard to Iran doesn't seem to be moving to a near-term resolution of that problem, let me modestly suggest an alternative: we should offer to sell the Iranians $20 billion in weapons, with no strings attached. After all, that's how we're dealing with the Saudis, even though it says here that

... American officials in Iraq ... say that the majority of suicide bombers in Iraq are from Saudi Arabia and that about 40 percent of all foreign fighters are Saudi. Officials said that while most of the foreign fighters came to Iraq to become suicide bombers, others arrived as bomb makers, snipers, logisticians and financiers.


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