Monday, January 28, 2008

No comment on Dubya's speech. On the Democratic response, I thought it was fitting that Sebelius closed by saying "sleep well". No matter what she was saying, whether about the economy, health care, or the military, she said it like she was reading a bedtime story.

That's not a gender thing, by the way; Barbara Jordan could give a hell of a speech, and Fred Rogers was unsurpassed at the art of the bedtime story. Until now.

But this is an orator who could put you to sleep while the Cloverfield monster was chowing down on the building next door. While she was reading about routes out of town. How on earth did she get elected?

More: Barack Obama shows how to do it. He's still not my favorite among the Democratic candidates, but if I was grading them solely on oratorical skill, he's the best and there's no number two.


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