Sunday, March 26, 2006

On another topic, now that I've seen "V for Vendetta", it becomes kind of obvious why Alan Moore hates the script. Truth to tell, it should have been obvious from the trailer. Moore's original V would never say, "governments ought to be afraid of their people". Moore's V is a committed anarchist who believes that governments ought to be abolished. When the filmmakers congratulate themselves, quite rightly, for having produced "the best translation of any of [Moore's] work to film", they appear not to realize how thoroughly they have damned their own work with faint praise.

It's a fun flick. It could have been a lot worse. This movie is not the travesty of, say, the original film "adaptation" of "The Quiet American", which literally made an Audie Murphy hero of Graham Greene's dangerous fool. (See the 2002 Michael Caine version if you can; that one gets it right). The film V is still a crazed homicidal maniac bent on the overthrow of a government that is even worse, with all the attendant moral ambiguity, and the film is perhaps worth seeing for that. But it is fitting that the artist of the original comic --- David Lloyd --- is in the closing credits, and the writer, Alan Moore, is not. The movie captures the feeling of Lloyd's drawings, and many of the plot points they convey, astonishingly well. But Moore's writing is mostly absent.


Anonymous che said...

I saw the movie " V for ...". I could not compare it from the original flick cause I've not seen it yet. Thanks for the tip, I might go find the orignal copy and see the difference!

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