Sunday, April 09, 2006

Seymour Hersh reports on Dubya's plans for Iran. As in the case of Iraq, Dubya is now a man of clear vision --- clear enough to discern not only Iran's widely acknowledged and moderately well-monitored nuclear program, but an entire second nuclear program, which is so well concealed that the International Atomic Energy Agency does not believe that it exists.

The reason for this is that the second nuclear program is, according to Dubya, buried in bunkers so deep that we'd need to use our own nukes to blow them up. After which, of course, there will be a clear answer to the question of what happened to the evidence --- it will have been vaporized by our nukes.

So, that awkward situation we had looking for the Iraqi WMD just won't happen again. It's good to see they're learning.


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