Thursday, June 01, 2006

So, things are looking up in the contretemps between the United States and Iran. Having realized that there was no support for military action without first exhausting diplomatic options, the United States has made a very reasonable proposal: as a precondition of any talks, the Iranians will immediately cease all disputed activity without compensation, despite their claims that they have a perfect right to keep it up under relevant treaties, after which we can have a perfectly civilized discussion about how they will further abase themselves. Indeed, behind the New York Times's paywall, David Brooks says that:

Even the rollout was masterful. I called experts around the world yesterday afternoon, and all of them seemed to have just gotten off the phone with a senior administration official (or two), and all were positive about what had been achieved.

It was almost as if they knew in advance which experts he'd be calling. Fancy that.

And yet, the news pages of the Times, on the very same day, report that approbation is not quite so complete:

...some participants in the drawn-out nuclear drama questioned whether this was an offer intended to fail, devised to show the extent of Iran's intransigence.



Blogger Nell said...

Outstanding; thanks.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... dear friend, if the world goes on without the war - any war then we must live in a very boring place.

If America did not start any war then how they can prove or show their stupid power??

Now now...go back to your corner and keep out mouth shuts before we are labelled ani-americans. HDinh

10:08 PM  
Blogger Emphyrio said...

Come Back. You're appreciated!

2:34 AM  

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