Sunday, March 26, 2006

While I was away, George W. Bush proclaimed himself dictator. That's not a joke, and it's not an exaggeration. In his "signing statement" for the Patriot Act extension, Dubya claimed the right to unilaterally set aside any portions of the bill that he finds inconvenient, no matter what Congress or the courts have to say about it --- thus himself making explicit what was already explicit in his functionaries' talk of wiretaps, that he won't recognize any limits on his power at all. As Glenn Greenwald puts it (via Atrios),

...the Administration has seized the power of Congress to make the laws, they have seized the power of the judiciary to interpret the laws, and they execute them as well. They have consolidated within themselves all of the powers of the government, particularly with regard to national security. This situation is, of course, exactly what Madison warned about in Federalist 47; it really is the very opposite of everything our Government is intended to be.

If Dubya hasn't yet pulled all the same crap as the scenery-chewing dictator in the movie, "V for Vendetta", it's not because he thinks he can't, but rather because he hasn't found it to be necessary, in his own sole judgment.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been getting bombarded by phone calls from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, which I was fobbing off with my usual, "too busy, not now." I finally told one of them what I really think: that if the Democratic Senators don't have the guts to get behind Feingold's censure resolution --- particularly the ones who did vote to censure Clinton over the Monica "scandal" --- then I don't have any money for them. Bad as it may have been that Clinton was the first President in our entire history to have consensual sex with a woman who was not his wife, this is even worse than that.

I'm pleased to say that my protest has accomplished something. The phone calls have entirely stopped.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bad as it may have been that Clinton was the first President in our entire history to have consensual sex with a woman who was not his wife, this is even worse than that."

You have got to be kidding, buddy! Clinton was the first Prez to have an extra-m liaison investigated by Congress and that's about all. Before the TV era they were all at it including crippled FDR!

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on. The first comment is sarcastic surely. JFK was bangin' like you wouldn't believe. That goes for pretty much every Republican & Democrat leader (except for Gerald Ford - ask Homer Simpson about him).

Nothin wrong with that, Clinton was just a charismatic horny bastard who could get away with it. And get it more than you can any day of the week (don't be jealous). You think that psycho born again christian Bush is any different. What do you really think you do when your a coked up yale boy. Not fucking go to church I tell ya. The only reason bush is a born again Christian is because he had more drugs than he could handle. I've seen it with these rich kid drug fucks. They think they are better than the rest of us because they are elite (read daddy, no granddaddy, no great-granddaddy the nazi supporter made some money), get given the opportunities we wished we had, fuck up on drugs & sex & booze, go "holy shit", decide they are now enlightened and then think they know then how to show us the way.

SIDE NOTE: While we are mentioning GF, best REP ever! Fixed the war fuckup. Healed a nation. Bush Admin needs a GF. The rest of us are getting pretty sick of you US dipshits supporting a retarded leadership like fucking FOX-watching sheep. And if any REP ever claims that GF is a indication of strength then they are,(as we would say in Australia) trying to buy from you all the land between the big rock and the great blue water for 3 shiny balls and a magic numbers machine (read 3 marbles & a digital wristwatch).

Bush.. it is a FUCKING PSYCHOSIS!!!

10:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

did george w bush get convicted for beatiality with sheep and get the record explunged?

11:55 PM  

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