Friday, October 12, 2007

So, the latest figures show income inequality in the U.S. once again through the roof. But the rich have their problems too, witness the couple who just plunked down $3.4 million for an apartment in New York, who find, like many others, that they've bought a new time sink:

[N]ow they find themselves caught up in another project, remodeling their 2,000-square-foot terrace with plants, dining and seating areas and a Jacuzzi. This project has taken nearly two years of work with a landscape architect, delays worsened by the need to get approvals from city inspectors and their building’s co-owners. The $400,000 project is worth it, they say, because they will have outdoor space to help relieve the stress of working on Wall Street.

“We work ridiculous hours,” Ms. Kiskanyan said. “We wanted something oasis-like.”

But once they have it, they'll still have no time to enjoy it.