Thursday, March 02, 2006

So, it turns out that Dubya was personally warned of the prospect of a levee breach days before Hurricane Katrina hit.

In another country, this would raise questions. In another country, Dubya's administration would be challenged about its poor planning and chaotic response to the crisis. In another country, opposition politicians would take every opportunity to take the ruling party to task for its poor performance.

In this country, I gather, the opposition party is still waiting for the facts [to] speak for themselves when the time is appropriate". And as for the populace in general, or at least the likely voters among them, have already decided where the blame for the death and the misery lies --- with the dead and the miserable. It's the responsibility era, folks. At least for the little people.

And now for something truly ridiculous. CBS radio is suing Howard Stern for promoting his next gig on Sirius during his last months on their airwaves. Were they the only people in America who didn't know what he was up to at the time?

Well, no, actually --- Stern actually discussed his plans with his boss at CBS, Joel Hollander. Apparently, a yet further higher-up (Les Moonves) has since told Stern, "I'm the one who kept you on the air and I knew I could sue you afterwards." Lotsa luck with that in court, Les...